Webcam sex chat - super money!

Webcam modeling is an excellent way to work from home in your spare time. If you are in need of some extra cash and aren't afraid to show some skin this line of work can earn you $20-$100/hour. Just follow these steps before getting started.

If you want to jump into the adult entertainment industry, consider working as a webcam model. You will be able to express your sensual side, enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule, and monetize your flirting and communication skills.

Be a webcam model make a lot of cash & set your own schedule

Making your own schedule is a main benefit of becoming a webcam model. A webcam girl can work as often as she likes, whenever she likes. The hours that you put in are strictly up to you. The more time spent online, the more money that a model can expect to earn though. This is a perfect opportunity for college girls to make money while going to school. By working from home, a successful webcam model can study for classes and earn a great living at the same time.
Getting started in this exciting industry is easy. A quality webcam is very affordable and is sold in most electronic stores. Setting up your webcam is also simple. A quick registration process and a webcam are all that you need to make cash from home. It really is this easy to make money from home.
Becoming a successful webcam model may require a little work in the beginning, but anyone can become successful at it. We are here to help you succeed in this industry. Getting recognized by potential clients does take work, but anyone can do it. The more time spent online getting to know potential customers, the better a model will do. Once a webcam girl gets her feet wet, it’s easy to make money!

The amount you can earn depends entirely upon you. The more work you put into developing your business, the more money you will get. Read more about the career of adult webcam model and the ways to start it.

What do you need to start working?

Being an adult webcam model, you will have to chat via webcam and entertain your viewers. Your job is to encourage customers to take you into a paid show and keep them coming back for more.

It is up to you how far you decide to go. There are models that dance, strip, and perform erotic shows. Some models are just chatting, but they don’t make much money. Viewers want more than just a simple talk.

One of the main advantages of an adult camming is safety: you don’t need to venture outdoors or meet with suspicious porn producers. You and the member are connected through the internet, and they know just your nickname.

To start working as a webcam model for adult sites, you will need:
•    a computer with broadband internet connection
•    a good webcam or camcorder
•    a microphone
•    a quiet place with proper lighting.
You don’t need to be attractive in the traditional sense because customers like varied physical types. You know, sexual fantasies differ. Of course, pretty blondes and ‘college girls next door’ are always desirable but it is ok if you’re a unique or fetish model – for example, a BBW or a disabled lady.

How much money can you make?

The money can be very good or very bad - the exact amount depends on several things:
•    how much time you can spend online
•    your communication skills
•    how much you are willing to show off your body
Each adult cam website provides several communication options. You can earn money in the free room by getting customers to tip you for your good performance or getting these customers to enter your personal chat room.

The websites charge the guests $2-$5 a minute to talk to you, and you will get 50% - 70% of that amount directly. Approximately, it is $1.2-$3 per minute for each customer that is in your chat room.

At first, you can earn about $10-$15 an hour. When you become a favorite with your clients and increase your base of fans, you will make more money - $30-$50 an hour. The best models earn $1500 a week.

It is all in your hands and chatting skills. Your fans will want to see you over and over again if they feel that they have a relationship with you, so you really have to be an actress. The most popular models can receive additional bonuses and cash prizes.

Typically, the minimum payout limit is $100. Most websites send the money every two weeks, for example you can get paid on the 1st and 16th or on the10th and 25th. Models can choose between several payment methods: ePassporte, check or wire transfer (Paypal will suspend your account for sales of anything adult related).

Live cam websites looking for new models

If you are interested in this career, you can sign-up to work as a live cam model at any of these websites:
The Babe Cams website is always looking for new models – both female and male – who are serious about making money working in the adult entertainment industry. If you want to try, complete the application form online. The company splits the payments received with models on a 30/70 basis - that is, the Babe Cams keeps 30% and the model is paid 70%.
You can become a LiveJasmin Performer in just a few minutes! There is no fixed schedule – it’s up to you to choose when you want to work. The company offers payout every two weeks using several payment options, including a free Visa or MasterCard debit card. You can also win a large cash prize in ‘The 69’s Team Awards’ game.
Neon Cams is looking for models who want to chat via webcam and or provide erotic shows. Their website is relatively new, so they do all they can to make models satisfied. After signing up, you can get a registration bonus. If your English is not very good, you can use a smiley collection to express your feelings easily.
The website is looking for charming, creative, intelligent, and ambitious models of every race and sex. You will earn 40% of the amount billed to customers. In premium chat you will earn between $1.20 and $1.60 per minute for each customer that is in your room. Payouts are done on a weekly basis.
Video Secrets is a leader on the live video chat market. They operate chat sites for the best-known companies, including Hustler. If you are ready to work, you will need to fill out an application, submit your photos via email and install software. The amount you earn for your paid shows is a percentage of what the customer pays for the show.
If you want to become Performer, go to the section called “Models Wanted”. There is nothing to download or install. Just sign up and start working! You will get up to 40% of all sales. The site offer to set your own per minute rate. 
Is looking for beautiful, fit performers. You can get as much as $1.50 per minute per customer for your entertainment services. In order to sign up, you need to submit your application and upload 3 pictures of yourself.
If you want to work from home with a webcam, register with and break into the adult entertainment industry. You will need to choose a screen name and submit your contact information. After that you will receive an email with instructions.
IMLive is always hiring for webcam models. They will provide you with the software and billing system you need to direct traffic and earn money. You need to sign up, create your profile, and set your own per minute rate. The payments are sent every 2 weeks. They also reward the top Hosts with luxurious gifts like Dior sunglasses.
Universal Talk is a multi-platform company based in London, UK. You can join their friendly international group of chat hosts and earn up to £40 ($80, €60) per hour. The income depends on how interesting and good-looking you are. You can decide how and when to work; whether to work on the phone, webcam, by text or all three.

An adult webcam model is a good job for people who have the desire, drive and patience to excel in adult entertainment business. You can be your own boss, earn money from the comfort of your home and manage your own life the way you like it! Why not turn your flirting skills into cash?